Accelerate Your Brewery in Austin, Texas

March 24-27, 2024

The Brewery Workshop brings together experienced brewery operators along with respected industry professionals to help breweries in planning and young breweries explore, define, and achieve their brewery goals. The event will be hosted at The Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Austin.

What is the Brewery Workshop?

Move beyond the guesswork

There are fewer than 50 spots total for this intimate opportunity for new and in-planning breweries to spend multiple days with the best minds in brewing. Move beyond the guesswork and spend four days in Austin, Texas, connecting with the experts who have built successful breweries. At this workshop, we'll navigate the ins and outs of establishing and growing a brewery through hands-on seminars and interactive technical brewery tours where you’ll have the opportunity to engage directly with the pros and your peers. You’ll gain the skills to improve the efficiency of your brewery, create invaluable connections with others in the industry, and accomplish in days what usually would take months.

The ticket price includes local transportation, lodging (ticket w/o lodging available), meals, seminars, brew day, technical brewery tours, one-on-one sessions with industry pros, a chance to win thousands in prizes at the pitch competition, and networking events.

The event will be hosted at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Austin.

This conference will pay for itself 10 times over

“This conference will pay for itself 10 times over with all the stuff we had overlooked in our planning.” - Brian N. (2023 Fort Collins Attendee)

I had no idea how much more there was to learn

“I had been working on my planning for five years, which included talking to several brewery owners, and I had no idea how much more there was to learn. If you are seriously considering opening a brewery, attend this workshop sooner rather than later. You will save yourself a lot of time.” - George H. (2022 Portland Attendee)

save you a lot of time and $$$s as you launch your craft

“This accelerator provides incredible access to some of the greatest minds in the brewing industry who are all very gracious with their time and willing to help those of us who are new to the industry. You'll learn a TON, which will save you a lot of time and $$$s as you launch your craft. Not to mention, it's a load of fun, with delicious craft beer threaded throughout. A great event for those looking to start a brewery, as well as those who have a new brewery and are looking for additional tips/tricks of the industry. Incredible.” - David B. (2023 Fort Collins Attendee)

Brewery Experts — Announcing More Soon!

2024 Austin Presenters

A top-notch selection of experienced brewery operators along with respected industry professionals. More to be announced soon!

Stephanie M (2023 Fort Collins Attendee)

So good that I would do it again

"So good that I would do it again, and recommend it to anyone who is considering starting a brewery for the first time. An informative and packed tight schedule that covers the most important details to consider when opening a start-up brewery. Well experienced and knowledgeable presenters to share best practices and plenty of lessons learned."

Emily W (2018 San Diego Attendee)

can't recommend this course enough

"We attended the accelerator in San Diego in 2018, and it may have been the single most valuable thing we did in our research and development phase. From the expert panels to the brewery tours to the networking time with other breweries-in-planning, every single aspect of the program was informative to our business plan. The panelists and editors were all extremely generous with their time, and we were able to consult with them 1:1 about concerns and ideas relevant to our project."

Randy B. (2022 Portland Attendee)

The cost is minimal for how much this workshop offers

"Highly recommended for breweries in planning! Well laid out Workshop that answers a lot of questions in a short amount of time. I cannot think of any topics that were not covered. The brewery tours are a blast and give a lot of insight on how a brewery operates. The cost is minimal for how much this workshop offers! Don’t miss out!!"

Brewery Workshop Itinerary

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from the best, expand your network, and transform your brewery into a booming business.

DAY 1 (March 24, 2024)

Location: Jester King Brewery (13187 Fitzhugh Rd. Austin, TX 78736)
5:00PM-6:00PM: DINNER
Location: Jester King Brewery (13187 Fitzhugh Rd. Austin, TX 78736)
Description: So you’ve decided it’s time to open or scale up your brewery. What now? In this panel discussion, prominent brewers with limited (or no) prior commercial experience share the ins and outs of launching a commercial brewery. From scaling recipes to operating a taproom and packaging, these brewers will help you avoid costly mistakes.
Description: Pitch your brewery idea (distribution, taproom, growth, brewery, etc.) in less than 5 minutes to the best minds in brewing to get feedback on your strategy. The winner of the lightning talks will receive thousands in industry prizes.

DAY 2 (March 25, 2024)

Description: So you brew great beer? Do you know what it costs to produce, how to manage inventory, and plan for different margins from different distribution channels? Join our expert and learn how to master these issues so that you can run a profitable brewery.
Description: How much capital do you need to survive? What’s the best corporate structure to protect you from liability while attracting investors? What are reasonable growth goals for a new brewery? How do you manage cash flow in a new business? What are some of the places to find loans and financing that aren’t immediately apparent? This seminar tackles the nuts and bolts of financing and starting up a new brewery, from partnership structure to attracting investors to managing cash flow over the critical first six months of operation.
Description: Proper architectural design is key to brewery flow both in the front and back of the house. In this session, we start by taking a look at material movement throughout the brewhouse for efficient material in, transfers, and beer out. Then we look at designing a taproom that allows for the most efficient use of the space.
Description: Equipment is the single biggest capital cost of building or expanding your brewery. Learn from, then work one-on-one with experts to help you size, source, and place your equipment for day one and expansion.
12:30PM: LUNCH
Description: Work in small groups with industry experts to refine every aspect of your brewing operation.

DAY 3 (March 26, 2024)

Description: While craft beer’s heyday was marked by a “if you package it, they will buy it” mentality, today’s competitive retail market makes selling beer profitably through the retail channel more and more difficult. In this seminar, we’ll discuss common issues such as working with outside accounts, self-distribution, third party distributor contracts, format challenges, SKU management, and more.
Instructors: Michael Paul Messenie (Founder, Dutchess Ales)
Description: There are no better margins on your beer than those you get from selling it directly to consumers. This seminar focuses on how to create an environment that maximizes revenue through design, equipment/POS selection, operational strategies, retail, guest taps, and more.
Description: From cell counts to yeast sanitation to propagation and storage, this seminar will present cost-effective strategies for managing yeast to maintain the highest quality standards.
Description: Few startups have the money to defend lawsuits, and this seminar will help you proactively avoid costly legal issues that could delay your growth.
12:00PM: LUNCH
Description: Work in small groups with industry experts to refine every aspect of your brewing operation.
Location: Pinthouse Brewing (2201 E. Ben White Blvd. Austin, TX 78741
Description: It’s the most popular style in craft beer, representing roughly 40% of the craft beer market. But what do consumers want now, what will they want in the near-term future, and how can you design and brew beers to fit this evolving style? From West coast to hazy, session to triple, we’ll dive into the various ways to make IPAs that today’s drinkers love.
Location: Pinthouse Brewing (2201 E. Ben White Blvd. Austin, TX 78741

DAY 4 (March 27, 2024)

Description: It takes great ingredients to make great beer. This seminar, led by ingredient experts from well-known breweries and suppliers, will teach you how to identify great ingredients, handle them correctly in the brewhouse to maintain the highest quality, make smart substitutions, and more.
Description: Experts explore the ins and outs of marketing channels with the best ROI. They’ll answer questions regarding event attendance, working with PR companies, paid media, organic reach, and much more. Now that you have great beer and a successful brand strategy, this seminar will teach you how to build and foster your audience.
Description: Whether you’re a 1 bbl nano or a 100k bbl regional powerhouse, being able to taste the variety of attributes in your beer is vital to making the consistent and delicious product your customer expects. Additionally, the job of training staff to identify these attributes typically falls to you. This seminar covers the basics of sensory analysis through hands-on tasting, and will give you a fundamental curriculum to train your own staff with. You may not be able to afford a full-time lab staff, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use techniques that the big guys use.
12:00PM: LUNCH

Daniel K. (2018 San Diego Attendee)

attending this workshop should be a requirement

"If you are genuinely serious about opening a brewery, and would like an intimate and cogent breakdown of what it will take, attending this workshop should be a requirement! The level of insight, knowledge and camaraderie that is afforded through this workshop is nothing short of legendary, and you will walk away 100x more enriched than the price tag of the event. Do not hesitate, this is a must-attend event for anyone serious about beer!"

Luther H. (2018 San Diego Attendee)

I cannot imagine an easier and more affordable way

"I cannot imagine an easier and more affordable way to get direct access to some of the greatest minds in the craft beer industry. The workshop consists of key targeted sessions with expert panels, scheduled one-on-ones with these experts, and several trips to local breweries of all shapes and sizes to see how they operate their unique businesses (and drink their great beer!)."

Doug M. (2022 Asheville Attendee)

A must for every startup

"If you are starting a brewery or brew pub and have no idea what is involved or what the steps are, you will learn them at this conference. Knowledgeable industry pros and a great look into the breweries in the town that the conference is in."

Brewery Workshop Sponsors

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Jeremy (2022 Portland Attendee)

This was so damn good!

"This was so damn good! We are aiming for the next level in our growth as brewery operators & this was an incredible step for us. It was everything we expected and more. If you want great industry advice & information, this is the place to be."

Shannon D. (2022 Portland Attendee)


"All presenters knocked it out of the park. The format was perfect. The Breakout sessions allowed deep dives into specific topics. Financing, Marketing, Ingredients, Brewery Tours, Layouts, Logistics, QC, Material Handling, Equipment, HR, Operations...This workshop had it all. You will save the cost of this workshop by hundreds of times. This workshop is an absolute must for anyone considering opening a brewery."

Josh L. (2022 Asheville Attendee)

the workshop is worth every penny

"This is an absolute must attend workshop if you are thinking about opening your own brewery. The program was loaded with information and the presenters were ready to answer your questions. Whether you are planning a nano brewery or a large production facility the workshop is worth every penny. The content was spot on and the technical tours were great too. The small group breakout sessions give you the opportunity to get one on one time with presenters."

Brewery Workshop FAQ

How many tickets are available to purchase?
The workshop will have no more than 50 attendees total.

When is the last day I’m able to purchase tickets?
The last day you can purchase a ticket is when we sell out.

Will transportation be provided?
Yes, all transportation will be provided from the time the event starts until the final brewery tour. We will not have an airport shuttle, but will provide transportation back to the hotel after the last tour.

How many drinks will I get during the meals?
We will provide at least 1 drink coupon per technical tour and dinner. Anything above that can be purchased on-site.

Are discounts offered for breakfast or purchased drinks?
There are no discounts available to our group for breakfast or for individual beers purchased on-site.

Where are seminars being held?
Unless otherwise indicated in the itinerary, all seminars and hands-on workshops will be held at The Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Austin. For any events offsite, we will provide transportation.

If two of us want to share one room, what tickets should we buy?
You should purchase one ticket with accommodations and one ticket without. All rooms have either 1 king bed or a double queen. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need a double queen room because there is limited availability.

Accelerate Your Brewery in Austin, Texas

The Brewery Workshop brings together experienced brewery operators along with respected industry professionals to help breweries in planning and young breweries explore, define, and achieve their brewery goals.

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